Respiratory System

The function of the respiratory system is to intake and absorb oxygen from the air and expel carbon dioxide from the body.

Lung and Bronchial Issues

Herbs that assist with clearing out the lungs and easing inflammation of bronchial tubes due to illness. We recommend:

Mullein Our top choice for clearing out the lungs.

Elder Helps congestion and immune response.

Expectorant herbs that help clear out the lungs. We recommend any of the following:

Red Clover

Oregon Grape 



Mucilaginous Herbs That Soothe Irritated Respiratory Tissue:


Marsh Mallow 

Slippery Elm

Helps reduce inflammation in the pleural lining of the lungs:

Pleurisy Root  


Sinus Issues

Eucalyptus Most effective in essential oil form and used as inhalation.

Thyme Helps move stuck mucus.

Garlic Most effective when consumed raw. Can also use garlic cloves in a steam inhalation.


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