Verbascum thapsus     Family: Scrophulariaceae



Caution: May cause contact dermatitis, test for allergic reaction or skin sensitivity before using topically; also may wrap in muslin or cheesecloth if skin irritation occurs

Doses: Infusion, 2-4Tbsp dried or 4-6Tbsp fresh herb per quart of boiling water, 2-3 Cups per day; 2-3 drops of mullein flower oil for earaches; roll leaf and smoke; use topically as a poultice wrap

Personal Experience: Effective and mild tasting tea, effective when taken just as symptoms appear

Parts Used: Leaf, flower, root

Range: Native to Europe, North Africa and Asia; now found in North America and can grow in zones 3-9

Habitat & Growing Conditions: Will grow in just about any soil, in any conditions; common weed

Traditional Chinese Medicine Flavors: Mild


Key Constituents:

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