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Alterative: gradually restores proper function in the body and increases health and vitality

Analgesic: assists in reducing pain taken internally or applied externally; also referred to as Anodyne

Anodyne: assists in reducing pain taken internally or applied externally; also referred to as Analgesic

Antacid: assists in neutralizing acid in the stomach and small intestine

Anthelmintic: expels worms from the digestive system

Antiabortives: helps to inhibit abortive tendencies

Antiasthmatics: helps relieves symptoms of asthma

Antibilious: assists in removing excess bile from the body

Antibiotics: inhibits the growth of or destroys bacteria, viruses, or amoebas

Anticatarrhals: eliminates or counteracts the formation of mucus

Anti-emetic: helps reduce nausea and may help to relieve or prevent vomiting

Anti-inflammatory: assists the body in reducing inflammation

Anti-lithic: helps to prevent the formation of stones in the urinary system, can also assist in removing them

Anti-microbial: assists the body in destroying pathogenic micro-organisms

Antipyretics: helps reduce or prevent fevers, also referred to as Febrifuge

Antiseptic: applied externally to prevent the growth of bacteria

Antispasmodic: helps prevent or relax muscle spasms

Aperient: mild laxative

Aphrodisiac: help to improve sexual potency and power

Aromatic: herbs that have a strong odor that can assist in stimulating the digestive system

Astringent: substance that has a constricting or binding effect

Bitter: herbs that have a bitter taste and stimulates the digestive system

Carminative: helps relieve gas and cramping in the bowel

Cholagogues: promotes flow of bile into the small intestine, also stimulates bowels

Demulcent: soothing, mucilaginous substance taken internally to protect inflamed tissue

Diaphoretic: induces sweating

Diuretic: increases the flow of urine

Emetic: induces vomiting

Emmenagogue: promotes menstruation

Emollient: softens, soothes and protects the skin

Expectorant: expels mucus from the lungs and throat

Febrifuge: assists the body in reducing fevers, also referred to as Antipyretic

Galactogogues: increases milk production and secretion

Hemostatic: assists in stopping hemorrhaging

Hepatic: assists the liver and helps to increase the flow of bile

Hypnotic: helps to induce sleep (not a hypnotic trance)

Laxative: promotes bowel movements

Lithotriptics: helps dissolve and eliminate urinary and gall stones

Mucilage: herbs that contain a gelatinous substance

Nervine: helps to calm nervous tension and nourishes the nervous system

Oxytocics: helps to stimulate uterine contractions to induce labor

Parasiticides: destroys digestive and skin parasites

Pectoral: respiratory tonic that assists in strengthening and healing the respiratory system

Rubefacient: promotes blood flow to the surface of the skin

Sedative: helps to quiet the nervous system

Sialagogue: stimulates the flow of saliva

Soporific: helps to induce sleep

Stimulant: increases circulation and energy of the body

Stomachic: helps to nourish and promote normal functioning of the stomach

Stryptic: assists in stopping bleeding externally

Tonic: promotes the normal function of the systems of the body and nourish the body

Vulnerary: encourages cell growth and repair to heal wounds