Taraxacum officinale            Family: Compositae



Caution: Some people may be allergic to the milky latex of the flowers and stems and if a rash should develop, discontinue use.

Fun Fact: The root of the dandelion can be roasted and used as a replacement for coffee.

Doses: 10-30 drops tincture taken up to three times daily, or 2-3 Cups of infusion per day. For best results, prepare flower and leaf as infusion and root as decoction.

Personal Experience: This is great for detoxing the body. It can be bitter so I combine with other herbs or add honey.

Parts Used: Whole plant.

Range: Native to Eurasia, it now grows worldwide.

Habitat & Growing Conditions: Prefers moist areas and full sun, but will grow in shade as well

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Flavors: Cool and bitter


Key Constituents:

Try dandelion as a tea or in one of our blends: 


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