Prosperity Incense

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Introducing Prosperity Incense, a potent blend carefully crafted to attract wealth, abundance, and success. Made with the finest natural ingredients and infused with powerful botanicals, this incense creates a captivating aroma that uplifts the spirit and draws good fortune to its surroundings. Whether you're seeking financial prosperity or aiming to enhance your business endeavors, Prosperity Incense is your perfect companion. Elevate your space and manifest prosperity with this exquisite incense. Let the aromatic allure of Prosperity Incense ignite your desires and invite abundance into your life.

Prosperity Incense is formulated to be used on charcoal incense discs. Used to draw prosperity to your home. Be sure to open windows or doors when using to allow for ventilation. When used after our Cleansing Incense, it's a great way to set the energy for drawing prosperity to your home.

Directions: light charcoal disc and allow to turn gray (usually about 10-15mins). Sprinkle incense onto disc and move throughout home starting at the bottom floor and moving up, from front to back

Ingredients: frankincense, cinnamon, nutmeg, bayberry bark, sassafras



(No reviews yet) Write a Review