Mint Infused Honey

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Enjoy the perfect blend of natural sweetness and refreshing mint with our Mint Infused Honey. Crafted with care, this delectable herbal wellness product combines the goodness of pure honey with the invigorating essence of mint. Our small-sized jar is perfect for enjoying a touch of mint-infused sweetness in your everyday rituals, while our large-sized jar ensures you never run out of this delightful treat. Infused with refreshing mint, our honey is a perfect addition to your tea, yogurt, or toast, offering a unique burst of flavor. Elevate your wellness routine with our Mint Infused Honey and experience a truly refreshing indulgence.

Infused with organic peppermint and organic spearmint.

Available in 2 sizes:

Small: net wt 5.6oz

Large: net wt 13.5oz


(No reviews yet) Write a Review