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Introducing VIRGO, the perfect zodiac soy candle for passionate astrology enthusiasts. Made with love and precision, this candle is specially crafted to embody the unique characteristics of the VIRGO zodiac sign. Its soothing flame ignites a peaceful ambiance, allowing one to embrace their inner tenacity and analytical nature. Embrace the essence of your VIRGO spirit with this heavenly candle, hand-poured with natural soy wax for a clean and long-lasting burn. Illuminate your spiritual journey with VIRGO!

This scent fuses notes of freshly muddled mint with tropical undertones of pineapple, lime, and rum. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including eucalyptus and peppermint.
Makes a great, personalized gift!
Container candle made with soy wax. 3.5oz


(No reviews yet) Write a Review