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Introducing Spirit, a mesmerizing candle designed to ignite your senses and uplift your spirits. Crafted with care, this enchanting candle from our Candles collection offers a unique blend of fragrances that fill the room with tranquility and warmth. Available in two sizes, small and large, Spirit is perfect for any space, whether it's your cozy bedroom or the spacious living area. Elevate your ambiance with the flickering flame and indulge in the soothing aroma that sets the perfect mood. Embrace the ethereal experience of Spirit and let its distinct qualities infuse your space with serenity and serendipity.

Connect with your inner divinity with this uplifting floral scent of Stargazer Lily.


  • Top - orange zest, fruity, dewy greens, aldehydic
  • Middle - white lily, jasmine, gardenia, rose, spicy
  • Bottom - woody, amber, musks




(No reviews yet) Write a Review